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Roughin it with LuLu

Whit and I were sitting on our deck on Friday night enjoying the newly fall-like weather, when one of us said, “this weather makes me want to go camping!” So our spontaneous weekend was born. We loaded up all our gear, the dog, and the baby, and set off to Mammoth Cave National Park! Overall, Lucy was a happy camper (literally). I was pretty proud of my girl – she loved exploring our campsite and found everything (as usual) absolutely fascinating.


Rocks, sticks, and leaves were way cooler to her than any of the toys we brought from home. And she got really awesomely filthy playing in all that dirt.


The hardest part, honestly, was just the absolute constant supervision that was required. Take your eyes off Miss Sneaky for one second (literally) and she’s got an acorn in her mouth! This happened. Twice. And of course, babies and open flames aren’t a good mix. Whit showed Lu her first fire and she was ready to dive in! Augh!!!


Besides the obvious safety concerns, though, we had a ball. We spent some time in the tent before bed so it wouldn’t be such an unfamiliar place, but Lu still had a short-lived meltdown when it was time to go night night. Who wants to leave the party early?
Not this girl!


After that, though, Lu went down at 7 and I’m pretty sure slept better than I did. She was a trooper! Especially when we woke up and it was 37 degrees outside. Brrrr! My girl and I did a lot of sleeping bag snuggling and then we got all bundled up in all the clothes we brought!

In fact, it was so cold that we bailed on cooking breakfast on our tiny camp stove and headed to the coffee shop. This is an example of something I would not have done pre-baby. Sometimes just doing what’s more convenient these days is better for everyone. Following breakfast we took a beautiful hike and visited the historic entrance to Mammoth Cave. Overall, we had a great time and Lucy had a blast! She talked and sang to herself the entire way home, then crashed for a big ol’ nap in her crib. She’s sleeping peacefully now, sifting through all that new info that got added to her little brain. These are some sweet times.







Capture it remember it!

This is my futile attempt to hang onto those fleeting moments of sweetness! Lucy isn’t nursing as much anymore as she dives into the world of solid foods. This is bittersweet for me- while I can’t wait to put my pump into the storage closet, I also can’t quite imagine not having that sweet nursing time with my girl every day. But this week Lucy started something new. After her bath, book, and night night nurse, she has started climbing up my shoulder and putting her head in my neck to go to sleep. She makes little whimpering noises as she drifts off. I could sit in that rocking chair and be happy holding her like that for a loooooooooong time. Like forever.


And to make this post a bit less sappy, here’s my girl chowing down on her first burrito! Mind you, this was a totally organic, bean, cheese, kale, and garlic concoction. Lucy supports local farming and sustainable practices. 🙂



Working momma blues

Being honest here…sometimes being a working mom is really tough! I realized the other day that my sweet Lucy girl spends more of her waking hours at daycare than she does with me or Whit. Ouch! That is a tough pill to swallow! And man those mornings are tough. Pump bag, work bag, cooler, files, water bottle, daycare bag, and baby! Whew! And one thing I didn’t realize when I was pregnant is that, after baby, you’re never really “100%” for anything! When I’m at work, I’m counting the hours until I get to be with my Lucy again. If anyone asks me to stay one minute after my day is over, forget it! I have really been bothered by it lately! But part-time is just not an option, and probably won’t ever be for me. It is what it is! Soooo might as well make the best of it. This morning I got up at 5, got myself ready, got Lucy up at 6, and I was out the door by 6:30. That’s it ! 30 min with my precious girl. I’ve been trying to get ready before she gets up so that teensy amount of time I get I can spend with her. This morning we had such a sweet time – she nursed her sleepy morning feeding and then snuggled while we read a story. It really carried me through the day! There are never enough minutes, never enough snuggles, never enough times singing pat-a-cake. Savor those moments, mamas!


Baby bugs

Two weeks ago it was a tummy bug with heaps of really gross poop and 3 days out of daycare. This weekend it was a cold followed by pink eye! My sweet smiley baby became a snotty, eye-boogery mess in the span of a few hours! Thankfully, we were able to get a prescription called in within 2 hours of the eye nastiness showing up, and hopefully Lu will be back in action tomorrow. One thing I learned – when babies get pink eye, they get this ointment, not drops. Have you ever tried to put ointment into a 9-month-old’s eyes? Try shooting a moving target – it’s got to be similar! Until we figured out I could sneak that stuff in while Lu was nursing. Like buttah! She didn’t even notice! Thankfully, my girl has taken this whole pink eye thing pretty well. Besides taking longer naps than usual and looking like she’s fresh out of the boxing ring, you wouldn’t know she was sick! She played hard today, as usual! Climbing, singing, standing, cruising, yelling, dancing. All in a day’s work! This just reminds me of how thankful I am for my sweet, happy, healthy girl. I get a little teary-eyed every time I really think about it! And just so you know, little Lucy, I still think you’re ridiculously adorable, even with a gunky eye.