9-month update!

Lucy is developing right along! And she’s a mover and a shaker, folks! At her 9-month checkup she weighed 18 lbs and was 27″ long. I say “was” because her appointment was almost 3 weeks ago! My how time flies! I think I have less time to post on the blog because this girl is constantly in motion! She’s an excellent crawler now, and pulls up to standing using any surface for support. She also loves to climb! Remember that sweet vibrating chair she used as a newborn? She can now scale that like it’s a mole hill. Whit has become Papa Hill and I, Mt Maman. Her new favorite game is to chase a ball around the house. She is also babbling away! Loud, soft, high, low ba-ma-da-da-da’s now fill the house. Whit and I are enjoying every minute. Cheesy mom-ness coming on right now, but I am so thankful for every day. Picking her up from daycare is the best part of my day by far, and I can never get there soon enough! There’s a cheesy country song out right now that always seems to come on when I’m racing to pick up my girl. It’s called Time is Love… Time is love/Gotta run/Love to hang longer but I’ve got someone/Who waits, waits for me/And right now she’s where I need to be/Time is love… Cheesy? YES. Exactly how I feel? Yes!




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