Baby on a plane!


Lucy and I flew. On a plane. Without daddy! To some people this may be old hat, but for us it was our first time trying any such feat. Thankfully, all went well. But I think I prepared as much for this trip as I did for natural childbirth! The amount of time I spent thinking about how I would pack everything, what Lu would eat on the plane, how I would nurse on the plane (eek!) and how we’d get from the airport to the hotel, is embarrassing to admit. Side note: I took a personality test a while back. Apparently I find security through preparation. Case. In. Point. Anyway, we did it! And we managed to fly with one small suitcase (including my pump!) and one diaper bag. Here we are, ready to get our pat-down on!


Security at both airports went surprisingly smoothly. They did not make me unhook Lucy from her pouch, and they didn’t do anything weird like make me drink from the back-up bottle of pumped milk I brought (thank heavens). Overall, everyone was really accommodating!

On the plane, Lucy turned out to be an old pro. She nursed through takeoff and played nicely in my lap. I had brought several non-toy items that kept her interest far longer than any of her actual baby items (a bottle of sunscreen with a colorful label goes a LONG way). And I packed tiny sticks of kiwi and strawberries. They took forever for her to eat!

Once we arrived, Granny Beth and Pap were waiting to pick us up! They are saints. They drove 1,000 miles just to hang with Lucy for the weekend while I attended the wedding events. LuLu, you are loved! They had also already arrived the night before, gotten our hotel rooms, brought a borrowed car seat and toys with them, and even had organic veggies and eggs for Lu to munch on! A.Ma.Zing. Lucy is such a lucky girl to have such awesome grandparents. All 6 of them are going to teach her so much.



Overall, the weekend was a blast. All of my preparations (and Granny Beth and Pap’s preparations) paid off! Lucy is becoming quite the little traveler. She became used to meeting new people and getting passed around to new friends. Keep it up, little happy baby!



One thought on “Baby on a plane!

  1. What a ham in that last picture!!!! Oh, I miss her so much. Beth and Harry, you are incredible! Jess and Lucy are so blessed to have you both in their lives. What an amazing gift you gave Jess in being able to attend Camille’s wedding worry free knowing Lucy was with you. You guys are all just the cutest together. And, I know you enjoyed every minute with your girl! Give her kisses for me, Jess. If I wasn’t sick, I would be flying out to see you both asap. I hate missing her as she grows and changes, but this blog definitely helps:) We’ve got to Skype soon! XOXO

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