Fun and games!

Having an almost 9-month-old means fun and games! Some of Lucy’s favorites include towel-over-the-head and fort! The first is just how it sounds…toss a dish towel over Lucy’s head for major entertainment (for baby and adults). The second was newly discovered this morning. Out of desperation to get ready for work and watch my mobile baby, I found an old drawer filled with scarves. Endless fun for Lucy! I also threw in a few measuring cups and hid them in the scarves for her to find. Who needs actual toys? She also enjoyed standing up in her fort drawer – it won’t be long until she’s climbing out!



One thought on “Fun and games!

  1. She’s got good taste already! Scarves are the best accessory. Starting early, Jess. I like it:) Love her expression in the second pic, “can you believe how much fun this is…why am I just now discovering this activity?!”

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