Baby-led Weaning 2 Months In!

Taking the baby-led weaning approach to solids is certainly an adventure! Lucy is enjoying exploring new foods and LOVES when I put her in her high chair. She sits and bangs her little hands on the tray (which is totally unacceptable dinner time behavior I know – we are going to have to work on that), eagerly awaiting whatever food I put in front of her. So far there hasn’t been a food she hasn’t liked. She has explored recently kiwi, yogurt, lemons and limes (loved them!), squash, zucchini, plantains, and this weekend she tried her first grilled cheese. So far that is the clear winner. Of all time. She’s a girl after my own heart! We did have a bit of an issue with mango – she ate it with gusto, and then developed a rash. We will be holding off on that for a while. Overall, we’re seeing slow progress in Lucy’s eating behavior. She is starting to learn to take small bites, and the times that she does take a too-big-for-her-britches bite, she pretty fluidly spits it out or, recently, reaches in with her other hand and pulls it out (hello, new fine motor skills)! She is also most definitely ingesting more than she was. And she’s making a big ol’ mess! But that’s part of the fun, right? Mealtimes now consist of a naked baby and a plastic mat on the floor. Oh and a very happy dog.



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