After 7 months of an intense swaddle addiction, Lucy has officially kicked the habit! I had a 3-week vacay from work, so I thought it would be a good time to “work on it.” So we did. And we went cold turkey on the first day I was home! The deal with Lu and the swaddle is that, in order to nap during the day, she requires a swaddle and a pacifier. Well, really, she just requires a pacifier. The swaddle has been serving the purpose of keeping her little arms from ripping that paci out of her mouth while she’s trying to fall asleep, over…and over…and over…again. She has been swaddle-free at night for months, ever since she rolled over on her own around 4 months. But those daytime naps are tough for a little socialite such as Lu!

So, we decided those little pudgy baby arms needed to be liberated once and for all. I had a little talk with Lucy the first day, explaining to her that, since they don’t even make swaddles big enough for big 7-month-olds anymore, remaining swaddled is simply not a sustainable solution! She totally understood (sarcasm). Anyway, there were some tears. I sat with her while she worked it out. Patting and shushing, shushing and patting. Slowly, she realized that she can actually control that pacifier by herself, and put it in her mouth the right way, by herself! She also fell asleep a few times without it (which makes me hopeful for when we have to say goodbye to that, too)!

Within a few days, the swaddle was a distant memory! Of course, Lucy still fights sleep like it’s her job, even if I’m laying down with her, holding her skin-to-skin, sometimes even if she’s nursing. Often lately, after we have done the whole get-to-sleep routine. The sweet girl who used to happily nurse to sleep nightly now nurses and either starts crying, or pops off and looks at me wide-eyed like, “where’s the party, mom?” As she grows and her brain continues developing at the speed of light, girl just does not want to miss a thing! She will look at you with these exhausted, red-rimmed eyes and smile like, “see, mom? I’m so…not…(yawn)…tired…(eye rub).” I really can’t complain…I suppose my girl is high on life!



One thought on “Swaddle-Free!

  1. Great job, Mama and Lucy! I’m so glad to know Lucy is still the high energy gal I always knew her to be:) Thankfully, she’s also a determined little stinker, so with your amazing guidance she is leaping over these difficult hurdles. Very proud of you both:) And miss you tons and tons!

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