Starting Solids

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So many things are happening in baby world! Lucy is almost sitting up unsupported (she’s currently rocking the “tripod” pose, sitting while leaning forward on her arms), and almost crawling (see video from 2 posts ago), and now we’re beginning to introduce solids. This is something I have fretted about way more than I should have, but I’ve (of course!) done lots of research and we’ve decided to go with a somewhat unconventional approach called Baby-Led Weaning. This approach (BLW to its proponents) has been all the rage with crunchy mamas worldwide, and it fits nicely with our feelings on feeding and approaching parenting naturally. Rather than going the traditional puree route, BLW poses to feed babies real food, and let them learn to feed themselves. No purees, no mash, no “Gerber Graduates”…Their theory is that, like other animals, babies are born with the innate ability to feed themselves (e.g., nursing from birth – no one teaches them that!), so we should continue to encourage them to learn to feed themselves and explore food for themselves. And 6 mos – 12 mos is a perfect time to do it, when, according to the World Health Organization, Lucy is all good just with breast milk until one. So this is the time to have fun! I was really afraid to start (of course the biggest concern is choking, which BLW addresses in full), but I was also really amazed at how naturally Lucy took to the act of feeding herself. We started with green beans and bananas. See below for the footage…I love her facial expressions! She never actually ingested any of it, which apparently is normal. She is just “exploring”…taking a bite, pushing it around in her mouth, and then spitting it out, or just gumming. Since that first “meal,” Lucy has sampled avocado, toast, pizza crust, sweet potatoes, strawberries, cheese, pancakes (plain), scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and pasta. It’s amazing to watch and (biased statement coming up), she is so stinkin’ cute! And PS to any moms who want to try this…so far, going to restaurants is a breeze! I just take a few things off my plate and give them to Lucy in finger-shaped pieces. She is entertained the entire time we’re out!


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