Gettin’ Mobile

Ooooooh boy! Lucy is so close to crawling! Here is a video of her most recent attempts at mobility. This has been a several week-long evolution, from rolling everywhere to scooting backwards, to her new move, which is a cross between forward scooting and army crawling. She is little miss determined, too. Every morning when I come in her room after a (now, more wakeful) night, she is already up and practicing in her nightgown and sleep sack. She grunts and grunts and smiles when she gets somewhere. Look out, world!


One thought on “Gettin’ Mobile

  1. Love! She is a little determined stinker! I just can’t take how much personality she has even with scooting/crawling! Adorable. I miss her! Very fun to see how excited Mom and Dad are, too:)

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