6-month Checkup!

You are growing up so fast, little Lucy Sellers! The 6-month checkup went well today. Lucy is weighing in at 15 lbs 9 oz (40th percentile) and she’s 64 cm long (31st percentile). I was a little surprised at her height but our doc said she’s fine. Apparently babies grow wider then longer, wider then longer, around this age. She is sleeping peacefully right now but I took the day off because I’m anticipating a rough patch when she wakes up! Lucy had to get her 3rd round of shots today and so far she’s 2 for 2 with crying inconsolably afterwards. I’m going to try to give her Tylenol proactively but last time even that didn’t work.

A friend asked yesterday if, since I work with kids with autism, was I going to vaccinate my child? It’s a very personal decision and one I haven’t taken lightly. I have spent way too much time worrying about each alternative. What if she’s not the same after she gets her shots? What if I delay shots and she gets whooping cough? Finally, I went back to the research. Everything I could find supports that there is no evidence supporting the claim that vaccines are linked with autism. See this article and this one. There is also no evidence to suggest that delaying vaccinations is any better for children (I love you, Dr Sears, but your delayed vax schedule has not been research-based.). This is by no means me telling everyone to get their children vaccinated! This is just how I made my decision. In the end, looking at the research, we decided we were putting Lucy at greater risk by not getting the shots.

Ah, parenting is full of these types of decisions, huh? Vaccines, sleep training, breast or bottle, it never ends! And as of right now, Lucy hasn’t seemed to notice that she has any soreness. Wish us luck that the rest of the day goes smoothly!

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