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6-month Checkup!

You are growing up so fast, little Lucy Sellers! The 6-month checkup went well today. Lucy is weighing in at 15 lbs 9 oz (40th percentile) and she’s 64 cm long (31st percentile). I was a little surprised at her height but our doc said she’s fine. Apparently babies grow wider then longer, wider then longer, around this age. She is sleeping peacefully right now but I took the day off because I’m anticipating a rough patch when she wakes up! Lucy had to get her 3rd round of shots today and so far she’s 2 for 2 with crying inconsolably afterwards. I’m going to try to give her Tylenol proactively but last time even that didn’t work.

A friend asked yesterday if, since I work with kids with autism, was I going to vaccinate my child? It’s a very personal decision and one I haven’t taken lightly. I have spent way too much time worrying about each alternative. What if she’s not the same after she gets her shots? What if I delay shots and she gets whooping cough? Finally, I went back to the research. Everything I could find supports that there is no evidence supporting the claim that vaccines are linked with autism. See this article and this one. There is also no evidence to suggest that delaying vaccinations is any better for children (I love you, Dr Sears, but your delayed vax schedule has not been research-based.). This is by no means me telling everyone to get their children vaccinated! This is just how I made my decision. In the end, looking at the research, we decided we were putting Lucy at greater risk by not getting the shots.

Ah, parenting is full of these types of decisions, huh? Vaccines, sleep training, breast or bottle, it never ends! And as of right now, Lucy hasn’t seemed to notice that she has any soreness. Wish us luck that the rest of the day goes smoothly!

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Gettin’ Mobile

Ooooooh boy! Lucy is so close to crawling! Here is a video of her most recent attempts at mobility. This has been a several week-long evolution, from rolling everywhere to scooting backwards, to her new move, which is a cross between forward scooting and army crawling. She is little miss determined, too. Every morning when I come in her room after a (now, more wakeful) night, she is already up and practicing in her nightgown and sleep sack. She grunts and grunts and smiles when she gets somewhere. Look out, world!

Mothers Day

As I lay here in bed, alone, while my husband cares for Lucy and cooks breakfast for us (he insisted I stay in bed!), I am reflecting on the past 6 months. From all the waiting to go into labor, then meeting our little one for the first time, then bringing her home and slowly figuring each other out (I’m pretty sure that one will be a lifelong pursuit!) – these are sweet, sweet times. Motherhood is hard, incredible, exhilarating, exhausting, terrifying, and beautiful. It’s the hardest I’ve worked and the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s the sweetest of times and the shortest of moments.

As a typically anxious, rule-following, try-to-do-the-right-thing kind of mom/person, I keep trying to come back to one truth. I am not going to be the perfect mom (as if there is one). But I promise you, little Lucy, I will try my very best for you. And regardless if i use the right sleep training method or none at all, or if I get you into the right school, or fail at times to make every minute we spend together a quality one, I promise you I will love you more than anything in the entire world. And at least I can hope that, with all the mistakes I will make, you can rest your sweet head on that truth.


A new respect

Single parents, hats off to you! I am on weekend number 2 of hubby being out of town, and while I knew it would be hard, you never really know until it happens. Last weekend while Whit was away, Lucy had a yet-unexplained crying fit from 9 pm till midnight, concluded by projectile vomiting. Lucky for me, our sweet dog walked behind us cleaning up all the vomit. Gross! Then this weekend I made the trek to Ohio with baby and dog. What was supposed to be a 5-hour drive turned into 7.5. But that isn’t really the point of this post. Ultimately, I’ve learned something about traveling alone with baby. Quick! Gimme an L! Gimme an O! Gimme a G! Gimme a…this is a long word. LOGISTICS, people! Let’s think…it’s 10 PM. Baby is asleep in the backseat (finally). Mama has to pee. Hmmm… I can’t just leave her in the car and run in to the Quick
Mart. And she’s sleeping so soundly! Ok just keep going. And don’t drink any more water! It’s 11 PM (Mama still has to pee). Standstill traffic on route 71! What if she wakes up hungry? She’s been asleep for 4 hours! These are the decisions you face when you and your baby are out on the midnight highway. Thankfully, we did arrive safely at midnight-thirty, and mama and baby were asleep by 1:15. And little Lucy didn’t wake up till we reached Oma and Opa’s house. And I finally got to pee! In the future…not sure what I’d do differently. Probably just hope for the best. As I look at my sweet girl napping away, I am so thankful for this time with her. I told Whit, “at least when you’re away I don’t have to share her with anyone!”