I had my first night away from Lucy EVER Weds and Thurs night. Before I left, I spent way too much time planning all the logistics of bottles, prepping Whit on all the routines we’ve instituted (“just remember, bath, bottle, book, bed!”), daycare packing, and then planning how I was going to pump every 4 hours and bring it all home in an ice-filled cooler (make sure to have a fridge in your hotel room, working moms!). Thankfully, it all worked out and Whit did a great job taking the solo shift. I was worried that Lucy would be upset with me when she saw me again for the first time (she has pulled this before, suddenly realizing I’ve been gone and letting me know she was not happy about it!), but she went easy on me. I got home right before bedtime so she gave me a big smile, held on tight, and immediately got to filling her tummy for her nighttime fast. Whit said, “When you get a chance, look inside her mouth!” I checked all around, and there they were – 2 tiny white tops of her front bottom teeth, poking out of her shiny pink gums. Finally! She has been working on those for months, and soaking her shirts with an endless fountain of drool (sorry for the visual). This week, too, she was waking up more at night, stuffy, and developed a less-than-normal eating routine at daycare. I’m hoping my girl gets some good sleep tonight now that mama’s home and those teeth finally made their grand entrance!



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