On the road again

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This weekend marked Lucy’s 2nd, and longest, road trip. We drove to Virginia to visit with the Sellers’ clan. Here are a few things that we learned along the way:

* Respect the nap. We found it more difficult this weekend to plan out Lucy’s naps and feedings with all the traveling, meeting family, and excitement surrounding little baby Lucy! She was quite the celebrity this weekend and she had quite a fan club waiting for her in VA! One thing we learned was that Lucy could hang for about 45-60 min at a time, then we needed to take a breather from all the hub-bub. All day Saturday, our schedule went something like, visit for an hour, nap/rest for an hour, visit for an hour, nap/rest for an hour, and so on. Towards the end of each hour of visiting, you could practically see the steam coming out of Lucy’s ears as her brain worked hard to take it all in.

* Teething while traveling (or any time) is not fun. For baby or parents. It would appear that Lucy is teething again. She is a pitiful puddle of drool and has been chewing on everything in sight, including any toy within a reach, her fists, her blankets, her pacifier, the ring of the pacifier, and her shirt. While changing her diaper today I had to quickly stop her from putting the dirty diaper straight into her mouth! She has quick hands! This translates into interrupted sleep as well for sweet little babies that normally sleep 12 hours at night, only waking once or twice to quickly nurse. On Saturday night, I don’t think Whit, me, or Lucy got any sleep until around 3 AM when I gave in, gave her some teething tablets, and tucked into bed with her. I know the whole thing about building bad habits (“Co-sleep, and she’ll NEVER sleep alone again!”), and of course I’m very aware of the need for safety precautions when sleeping with your baby (no pillows, blankets or gaps around baby…). But in the end, we were desperate, including Lucy. After a bit more fussing, Lucy settled in and slept until 9 that morning. I do think that, when we’re in pain, we want someone there to comfort us. As soon as Lucy was nestled in, she could sleep. And so could I.

* Long car rides need to be broken up. On the way there, we did most of the drive at night. This proved to be a great tactic, as Lucy was passed out in her car seat by 6 and slept until we go to the hotel at 1:30 AM. Once there, I stayed in the car while Whit got everything inside and set up her Pack n Play. We left all the lights off as I got her inside, nursed her, and put her down in her travel bed. She slept on until 6 AM. Go, girl! That only left us a short 2-hour drive for the next morning. On the way home, I thought, “there is no way we’ll make it 7-9 hours without a meltdown.” But we tried our best by sticking to our “Eat-Activity-Sleep” schedule. We would stop to nurse, then let her out of the car for 10-15 min just to roll around. In the grass, in the back of the Xterra, in the front seat. Having those brief breaks to stretch her legs proved to be really helpful. I also loaded her up with toys and sat in the back with her for the last 100 miles. She was such a trooper! Of course, I’m certain this will get harder as she gets older and isn’t so easily amused by a colorful ball, her stuffed rabbit lovee, and her hands and feet (recent discoveries she has made). Oh, and Bear. He rides in the back of the Xterra and sticks his head through a tiny hole in the Pet-Net. She smiles and laughs at him, too. Regardless, I chalk this trip up to a success!

Overall, Whit and I both agree we had a wonderful trip and had so much fun watching Lucy meet more of her family. And of course it helps when you have amazing grandparents who had everything set up for Lucy (including new clothes and toys!) when we arrived. Thank you, Gram and Pap! Lucy is a lucky goose.


One thought on “On the road again

  1. Whenever we have kids I’m just coming to this blog to replicate everything you guys have done 🙂

    p.s. that pic of Lucy on the red plaid blanket KILLS me! too cute!

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