Chivalry isn’t dead…it’s just redefined!

I’ve been meaning to post on this topic for a while. Ladies, remember the days when flowers and chocolates would melt your heart? A well-planned date night would sweep you off your feet? Well, those expressions of romance certainly haven’t lost their flare, but what I’ve discovered since I’ve become a working mom is that my idea of romance and chivalry has been completely redefined. Getting up at 5:30 one morning last week to feed Lucy so I could be at work by 7, then getting home at 5 that evening would mean I would spend a total of 1.5 hours with my girl before she would be out for the night to start another long day all over again. I walked in the door already wanting to cry, knowing I’d need to cram in a whole day’s worth of quality time into 90 minutes. But just the day before, I had dropped my phone in a cup of coffee and ruined it! Sooo the remaining evening hours for that particular day would need to be spent going to the Verizon store (a dreaded task) to solicit a new, not-too-expensive phone. Ugh. Obviously, my problems could be worse. I was just not looking forward to the evening. Here’s where my knight-in-shining-armor came into play. Arriving home, I walked in to find Lucy and Whit playing on the floor of the living room. I quickly explained that the only way I was going to get time with Lucy is if I loaded her up in the car and she came with me to the phone store. Taking pity on me, my sweet hubby said, “Why don’t you and Lucy take a walk together and do bath time? I’ll head to the store for you and sort out your phone issues.” To Whit, this was the obvious choice – he knows how much my Lucy time means. To me, it was like someone had just handed me a fine bottle of champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s funny what makes me swoon these days. Not to mention, the house was clean, the laundry was done, and when Whit returned with my new phone that evening, dinner was waiting for me when I came out of Lucy’s room after she’d fallen asleep. Now THAT is romantic!


One thought on “Chivalry isn’t dead…it’s just redefined!

  1. That’s my kid that did that! And don’t forget date night at the Sellers house that included beer shopping and car wash. Pretty special I’d say!

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