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Rollin’ on the river (er, carpet)

Finally! We got Lucy’s rolling skills on camera (and I FINALLY saw her roll over). For weeks she’s been secretly practicing at daycare and hiding her talents from mom and dad. Then, today, she couldn’t hold it in any longer! That girl needed to roll! While watching this clip, sing this in your head to the tune of Proud Mary (and forgive me for being such a nerd!)…

There was a little baby named Lucy

Rollin’ around every night and day

And you bet she lost some minutes of sleep cause

Lucy liked to roll around every which way

Big world keep on turnin’

Little Lucy keep on learnin’

Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin on the carpet (do-do-do-do-do-do)




Sick mom, hungry baby…what to do?

Well, clearly I am not immune to the daycare germs yet! This Friday I got hit with the bad juju stomach virus that everyone dreads. It came on fast and furious, and it’s the first time I’ve been really sick with little Lucy around. It’s amazing how your priorities change when you have a little one. Before I’d be all “no big deal” about a little virus, and I’d have days to heal on my own time. Being sick with a baby is entirely different, though. I think I made myself sicker just worrying I would (1) give it to her and (2) get so dehydrated I wouldn’t be able to nurse. So far (knocking on wood here) she hasn’t shown any signs of illness. REALLY hope it stays that way. And it’s really amazing what the body can do. Even when you’re sick as a dog, your body knows that baby still comes first. My milk production definitely went way down, meaning Lucy has been nursing more often and for longer periods, but somehow even when I can’t keep any solids down and I’m forcing myself to sip Gatorade, I’m still able to feed my child. And according to all those breastfeeding websites, continuing to nurse while you’re sick actually helps the baby fight off the germs, since your antibodies are in your milk. That’s just crazy! And even though I was so sick this weekend I could hardly get out of bed, I cherished the time. Lucy and I were tucked in bed together for a great deal of that time, napping and nursing. It made me relish the moments, thinking how she’s so tiny and perfect and she won’t be a baby forever, and wow – this will be much harder when she’s a toddler.


New Tricks!

As we approach Lucy’s 4-month birthday (can you believe that??), I thought I’d post this video of one of her favorite activities. She has figured out that if she pulls the cord on her bird, he sings for her. And she is apparently quite picky about what songs she likes. See it here (and who can resist a naked baby in a “butt sweater”?):