Good things come in 3’s




I can’t believe our little girl is already 3 months old! This week was an interesting one. In celebration of her 12th week of life, Lucy started teething, definitely had a growth spurt, and was generally fussier than normal. I know she gave the poor daycare folks a run for their money. I was reading about baby development online, and apparently this was a “wonder week,” which includes a great deal of brain development, and simultaneously makes for one cranky baby! The crazy thing is, though, through all the tears and refusals to nap, it was obvious that there actually was a lot of development happening! For example, Lucy can suddenly track objects with her eyes, you can get her attention now by talking to her, and she is definitely honing her reaching and grasping skills. All these things just suddenly showed up. It’s pretty awesome, and an extremely redeeming quality of the wonder week insanity. Keep on growing, little girl!


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