Red rover red rover, little Lucy rolled over!

Whit and I knew it was coming as we watched her thrash around on her changing table and in her crib, kicking her legs up, swinging herself diagonally and horizontally, ending up in a completely different direction than the one she started out in. And tonight! I put her down in her crib for bed, and about 10 min later I heard the strangest cry. It wasn’t hunger or anger, but more “help!” I ran to her room and found her on her belly, her head sideways. She was pitiful, like one of those beetles you see stuck on their backs. I flipped her back over. And realized, this has to be the end of swaddling. Oooooh noooooo! As much as I want my girl to roll and crawl and meet all her milestones, I also want her to sleep! And Lucy loooooves to be swaddled to sleep. What to do? Tonight I got by with waiting until she was out again, then very carefully removing her arms from the swaddle. So far she has stayed asleep even with her arms out. Fingers crossed!

Not many new pics as of late now that I’m a working mom and all, but I snapped this one today. We were able to get a walk in after daycare!



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