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Tummy Time

Tummy time. They all tell you to make your baby do it a couple times a day. The problem is, Lucy hates it! Each time we tried, she would grunt and struggle, kicking her little legs and flailing her little arms. We’d eventually flip her back over when she would start to cry. She did start to manage to hold her head up a bit, but she still hated it. Until this morning! My friend and super-mom recommended I try tummy time with Lucy elevated. Well, for Lucy, a whole new world opened up! Check out this new champion tummy-timer!





It really is the little things…


Mushy mom alert! This post is going to be pure sap. Ok, here goes:

For the past two mornings, Whit has brought Lucy in to our room to nurse so I don’t have to get out of bed in the early morning on a weekend. Besides the fact that Whit is one of the most supportive, sweetest dads you could ever ask for, bringing Lucy into my bed means I get that extra snuggle time before the day begins. I’m too much of a paranoid momma to try true co-sleeping, but napping in the morning when daddy’s already up watching TV is ok by me. And seriously, it’s those little moments where your baby is sleeping so peacefully with you that make every 2 AM feeding, every dirty diaper, every inconsolable cry as you go through the checkout line at the grocery store…worth it. I lay there and try to memorize the curve of her nose, the little noises she makes when she sleeps, and the way her little hands move around to grab onto my hair or my shirt while she dreams.

Everyone tells you, “it goes by so fast! Enjoy every minute!” But let’s be honest, there is no mom on earth that enjoys every minute of motherhood! In an attempt to be realistic and rid myself of mommy guilt, I’m going to focus instead on enjoying these moments. And let’s just try to survive the others, then laugh about them when we make it through.

Our Little Pterodactyl


When I imagine how the dinosaurs used to sound, I think it was probably a series of high-pitched squeaks and chirps. And I think our little baby is channeling them this week (by the way, admitting here that I definitely had to look up the correct spelling for “pterodactyl”…who knew there was a silent p?). So, Lucy’s new favorite activity is to lay on her back kicking her legs, chirping away! Evidence here:

Good things come in 3’s




I can’t believe our little girl is already 3 months old! This week was an interesting one. In celebration of her 12th week of life, Lucy started teething, definitely had a growth spurt, and was generally fussier than normal. I know she gave the poor daycare folks a run for their money. I was reading about baby development online, and apparently this was a “wonder week,” which includes a great deal of brain development, and simultaneously makes for one cranky baby! The crazy thing is, though, through all the tears and refusals to nap, it was obvious that there actually was a lot of development happening! For example, Lucy can suddenly track objects with her eyes, you can get her attention now by talking to her, and she is definitely honing her reaching and grasping skills. All these things just suddenly showed up. It’s pretty awesome, and an extremely redeeming quality of the wonder week insanity. Keep on growing, little girl!

Wait a minute…you mean these hands have a use?


20120212-171149.jpgHappy 3 months, little girl! You’re learning new things all the time! Thanks to a brilliant idea from Pap, Whit and I were inspired to try practicing “grabbing” with Lucy. She has recently started to notice objects a lot more and appears interested in them, so tonight we had a rare opportunity that Lucy was up for interacting after a tiring day at daycare! We started with a stuffed elephant rattle. Holding it in front of her, we noticed that she was actually trying to move her little hands to grasp it! This is definitely a new skill she’s honing! We moved on to her elephant pacifier and had even better results. Look out, world! Lucy’s figuring out that (1) those flailing things attached to her body might actually belong to her and are under her control, and (2) holding things and taking them to your mouth is fun! She’s like our little T-rex, shown here in this video:


Red rover red rover, little Lucy rolled over!

Whit and I knew it was coming as we watched her thrash around on her changing table and in her crib, kicking her legs up, swinging herself diagonally and horizontally, ending up in a completely different direction than the one she started out in. And tonight! I put her down in her crib for bed, and about 10 min later I heard the strangest cry. It wasn’t hunger or anger, but more “help!” I ran to her room and found her on her belly, her head sideways. She was pitiful, like one of those beetles you see stuck on their backs. I flipped her back over. And realized, this has to be the end of swaddling. Oooooh noooooo! As much as I want my girl to roll and crawl and meet all her milestones, I also want her to sleep! And Lucy loooooves to be swaddled to sleep. What to do? Tonight I got by with waiting until she was out again, then very carefully removing her arms from the swaddle. So far she has stayed asleep even with her arms out. Fingers crossed!

Not many new pics as of late now that I’m a working mom and all, but I snapped this one today. We were able to get a walk in after daycare!