Crying it Out…Eek!

At the doctor yesterday, I asked if I should still be going and putting the pacifier back in Lucy’s mouth when she is trying to nap. It’s a constant cycle during nap time…I get Lucy all swaddled up and put her down. She sucks on her pacifier for a minute, and just as she is falling sound asleep, she spits the pacifier out. Then she realizes what she’s done, and starts crying. I go and put the pacifier back in her mouth, she sucks on it and starts to close her eyes, and then spits it out! Cry! Mama comes with pacifier! Spit it out! Cry! It’s a constant cycle until she finally falls asleep. One night while Lucy was still next to our bed in her bassinette, I remember falling asleep with my hand holding the pacifier in her mouth!

Anyway, the doctor said she was old enough now to learn how to self-soothe, so I should let her cry. So today I swaddled her with one hand out and stood there as she fell asleep, then woke back up, and started crying for her pacifier. But then! She found her hand and started sucking away! It took 3 minutes. It was about the longest 3 minutes of my life, watching her cry and not do anything about it, but she survived! And went back to sleep! One point for mama in the Nap Battle!

Here’s the photo evidence of our small victory:



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