Karate Kid

Little Lucy had her 2-month appointment today, and we met our new pediatrician, who is great! Lucy is gaining weight like a little champ…she is 11 lbs 3 oz, putting her in the 40th percentile. She’s now 23″ long, too (60th percentile) – that’s a gain of 4 lbs 5 oz and 3″ since birth! Grow, girl! I regret not getting a picture of her at the doctor; after they weigh the babies they put them in these little wrap-around tshirts. It looks like she’s going to karate class. She acted like it, too. While getting her shots today she karate-kicked the nurse right in the boob! Hi-ya!

Update several hours later: Wow, those shots did a number on little Lu! First she slept for 3 hours straight when we got home. Then when she woke up we had a screaming little baby on our hands! Poor thing must have felt terrible! For THREE hours, she cried, screamed, and would intermittently fall asleep for 5-10 min, then wake up screaming again. I couldn’t get her to nurse or take a bottle, and nothing I did seemed to help! Here are all the things I tried:

  • skin-to-skin
  • skin-to-skin + rocking
  • skin-to-skin + rocking + football hold
  • skin-to-skin + rocking + football hold + warm bath
  • skin-to-skin + rocking + football hold + warm bath + singing Patsy Cline hits

Whit got home at 5:30 to find me in the tub with her, moving her back and forth in the water and singing “Crazy.” I thought it was fitting. Lo and behold, daddy proved to be our hero! Maybe she had completely worn herself out by that point, or maybe it was a new face that helped, but Whit offered her a bottle, she took it, and fell asleep! Whew! She’s been sleeping in her chair ever since. Hopefully tomorrow she will be back to herself again.


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