The Nap Battle





I think I have two brains…the behavior analyst brain (my work brain) and the mommy brain. Sometimes they fight. It’s like the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, except for me it’s like B.F. Skinner (one of the behavior analysis founding fathers) on one and a sweet, nurturing woman with giant milk-producing boobs on the other. Usually they’re in cahoots, but when it comes to naps they totally disagree. Lucy wants to nap where she feels like it – usually our bed (on a Boppie in the middle of the made bed) or in her bouncy chair. Crib? No, thanks, mom! So I go back and forth…let her sleep anywhere (which usually means interrupted, shorter naps) or force the crib and deal with crying and possibly no nap at all, having to then pick up tired baby when she’s hungry again? The behavior analyst side says, “Consistency! Consistency! She must nap in her crib no matter what it takes!” The mommy side says, “Baby needs sleep wherever she can get it!” I admit, most of the time, the mommy side wins. I cave and let her sleep wherever. I think it’s probably fine at this age (9 weeks tomorrow!) but soon she’s going to have more distinct naptimes, and she will need to be in her crib. So that’s one ongoing battle. However, this week, I have gotten 2 good crib naps out of her! Seriously, once she’s actually asleep in there, she sleeps longer and better than being somewhere else trying to snooze. So I count this as a win for all, and I’ll keep trying! Baby steps, right?


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