Rollin with the punches

Lucy was a bit, um, cranky today. She had a great morning that led to a 3-hour nap (!!!), but she woke up “hangry” and was a bit curmudgeonly the rest of the day! It was one of those I-am-trying-so-hard-to-calm-my-cranky-baby-that-I-haven’t-noticed-the-spitup-all-over-my-shirt kind of days. I tried taking her on a brief outing to the post office and whew! Bad idea! She started melting just as I was paying. Luckily she’s pretty cute at this age, so most people just said, “Awww! Poor baby!” I’m not sure what her deal was, but around 5 PM I put her in her bouncy chair and literally said, “Lucy, I’m tired. You’re tired. I don’t know how to please you!” She just looked at me. And grumbled. I resorted to putting her in the Baby Bjorn, and she fell asleep. It really helped me out. So there I was, sitting on the couch organizing bills, with little bebe all Bjorned up. Wearing your baby rocks!

Here’s a pic of poor little curmudgeon baby…haha! Hopefully we’ll get smiley baby back tomorrow!




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