E.A.S.Y. like Sunday morning

I thought I’d write about this so I don’t forget its magic later. After doing some (ok, a lot of) reading, I read about a way to schedule your day with baby that makes it EASY-er to get through and much less stressful for you and baby. The book is The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. While some of it I find too clinical (sorry, Tracy, I do have to leave the house sometimes, and it might be when little Lucy needs to nap, which she can easily do in her carseat), it greatly helped me to start recognizing Lucy’s sleepy, hungry, and other signs so I can better meet her needs and help to keep her a happy baby. The EASY method describes a framework for structuring your day – E (eat), A (activity), S (sleep), and then Y (your time).

We started trying this framework (I hesitate to use the word structure or schedule, because it’s more flexible than that) when Lucy was around 5 weeks. At first it was tough, mostly because I was not reading her very well. But after a couple of weeks of this, Lucy and I are getting to be on the same page. Again, sooo afraid I’m jinxing something by typing this… Basically, we follow the plan all day, though. Really, it’s understanding that Lucy is only going to be happy-awake for about 60 min at a time. So, she wakes up, eats (15 min), and then you have about a 30-45-min window to interact with her and enjoy her company before she needs to go back to resting. At first it seemed insane to me, and I felt like the only thing I was doing was putting her down for a nap. But now I see how important that sleep is. She gets super fussy after about an hour of being up, if I don’t get her swaddled and in a comfy sleeping spot before then. Currently she is passed out in her swing, after we had a great hour of eating and smiling at each other while she was on the changing table.

It also helped me gain a little sanity back, too, because I (some days) can actually do the dishes or some laundry! Or, update her blog!


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