Grow, Girl!

Lucy had a rough night last night! After a week of only waking up once in the night, she woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 4:30, and 6! Growth spurt, maybe? She ate hungrily each time. I’m hoping tonight goes better! She has been napping well today…I’ll keep my fingers crossed! She’s definitely getting bigger. Her newborn clothes are pretty snug, and she has pretty much fully graduated to 0-3 months! Grow, girl!

And seriously the cutest thing happened – while feeding her a bottle this afternoon, she kept looking at me in the middle of eating, stopped sucking from the bottle, and would give me this huge smile. Then back to eating. I wanted to die of happiness! There is nothing like it when your little baby smiles at you. Hopefully she knows I’m her mom, or at least that I’m the Milk Maid. Daddy can be her Dairy Dude.

In other news, I continue to try to get Lucy to build those muscles! She’s been practicing sitting (which I know we’re a long way off). She did it for about one second, and then it went downhill from there. Literally. See pics above.


One thought on “Grow, Girl!

  1. Love this, Jess! Back to those All Nighter Feeding Marathons, huh? Little LA Looks GREAT!!Gotta love those smiles beamed at you during feedings!! Precious Gifts!!!

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