Takin’ it to the streets

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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far about parenting is it takes forever to leave the house! Before leaving, we have a giant bag that must contain:

  • bottle
  • pacifier
  • extra milk, just in case
  • extra outfit, just in case
  • extra blanket, just in case
  • diapers and wipes, obviously

My brain tries to think of every possible scenario that could happen, and be prepared for it! It’s like a game of chess just to go to the grocery store. What if she gets sick of being in her stroller? What if she’s hot? What if she’s cold? What if a snowstorm comes and we’re stuck in the car with no milk (forgetting that I have boobs attached to my body…they could help us out in a pinch)? What if we get stuck in the elevator? What if she gets hungry and starts screaming in the middle of aisle 5 (ok, this has actually happened)?

The other day I started to get ready to go for a walk at noon. At 2:30, we left the house. I had forgotten I needed to pump, then Lucy got hungry, then we had a diaper blowout…and somehow 2.5 hours slipped away. This all makes me a bit worried about going back to work. How in the world will I get myself and my Lucy out the door before 8 AM? I get myself all worked up about it, then realize that millions of people do this successfully every day. Somehow it works. And most of these people have more than one child (wuh??). So I suppose we’ll manage! Until then, I will remind myself of what this little old man told me in Whole Foods one day. This was post-screaming fit in aisle 5. I had rushed her to the cafe area and tried to feed her while she was still in her car seat, which was a bad move. She took the bottle and it promptly all came out her nose. I wanted to cry with her! As I was rocking her in the seat to calm her down from her choking (which was totally my fault), this little old man passed by and said, “Don’t worry. This is much harder for you than it is for her.” I’ll try to remember that.


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