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11 weeks!

Happy 11-week birthday, Lucy! You’re becoming a real mover and a shaker, and you make us smile. A whole lot.



Lucy goes to school

Lucy had her first day of daycare today! Ok so it was a half day, but it felt like an eternity to me! I dropped her off this morning and she was so happy to see everyone! She smiled and cooed as they took her. I’m so glad she was happy! Meanwhile, I cried my eyes out (again)! I know it will get easier. But really, I was so proud of my girl! When I returned to pick her up (early), they said she had been the most content of all the babies! Haha! Go, girl! She must save all her feistiness for her mom! That’s ok, of course.

One thing’s for sure – daycare wears a girl out! I spent a half day there with her yesterday and when we got home, she slept for 3 hours. She is currently sleeping now, too. Being a social butterfly is so exhausting…

Here she is when I picked her up today… There was me, weepy and so relieved to see my girl, and her, looking like “what’s the big deal, mom?” I guess I should get used to that.


Adventures in Babysitting

Last night we had a wedding to go to, and our good friend Jessie watched Lucy, along with our other friends’ two children. It kind of amazed me how my entire day was spent focused on preparing Lucy for being babysat! I did everything I could to make sure she slept and ate well all day, in hopes of setting her up for success for the night! This was the first time that someone other than family has watched Lucy, and I was worried about how she’d do during her “nighttime fussy time.” I had no doubts that Jessie was fully capable of course; I was more concerned about how Jessie’s evening was going to go! We dropped Lucy off and she was fine – smiley and happy to be with the girls. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway, though, I was the one who was crying! It was as if we were leaving for a month! I boo-hoo’d the entire way to the wedding, and continued boo-hooing up until the ceremony started! Oh boy, with daycare just a week away, how are we going to handle this? I was, however, pleasantly surprised to return 3 hours later to my smiley baby, bouncing away in her chair, well-rested and well-fed. Whew!
I have to say, I was pretty proud of my girl! All in all, the whole being apart from my baby
will get easier, right?

Dare I Say It…Sleeping Through the Night?

Well, mark your calendars, folks! There’s a new national holiday…Jan 20 was Lucy’s first sleep-through-the-night! Woot woot! Just 2 days shy of her 10-week birthday, she pulled it off. I woke up panicked at 6 AM, realizing I hadn’t seen my baby girl since 9 PM the night before! Was she still breathing in there? Running to her room, there she was, soundly dreaming away. Whew! Then on Friday she did it again! This might just be her biggest accomplishment yet…especially since mama goes back to work next week! And of course, a well-rested baby is a happy baby!



Walking After Midnight

Most of you know about my classic country music love. When thinking of songs to sing to little Lucy, what better than lonely, sad country songs, right? Ha! Really, they’re the only songs I reliably know most of the lyrics to, so they will have to suffice. It’s funny, because Lucy definitely has her favorites…Patsy Cline songs, for example. I have had a bad cold, so maybe it was my smoky-mama-loves-bass voice this morning, but she was diggin it. My dad and I would have sing-alongs all the time when I was little. Hopefully Lucy and I can carry on the tradition (think Whit will ever join us?)!

Reading Rainbow

We’ve been reading to Lucy since she was born, or really, since before she was born. Now, she has actually started to notice the books! Reading a book or two is usually part of our morning time, when we all hang out together before getting up. I’m usually pumping and Whit is getting some quality time with his little girl before going to work. Here’s a little video of it: